Storyology 2014: December 1-4

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Storyology 2014: Sydney December 1-4

Storyology will be back bigger and better in 2014! 


Block out the dates from the 1st to the 4th of December... We are going to kick off summer in Sydney with a festival of ideas, innovation and storytelling!


All the details will be at our new site,


Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime, here are some of the social media highlights of Storyology 2013... Check out the full 'story' of Storyology 2013 here.







Creating content people want to share - going viral with Jack Shepherd of BuzzFeed

jackshepherd One of the big hits of Storyology: Ideas Write Now in 2013 was without a doubt Jack Shepherd - the mildly cat-obsessed and endearing editorial director of BuzzFeed, Jack Shepherd, all the way from New York City!

At BuzzFeed since 2008, Jack launched the site’s Animals section in 2012 and now, bestowed with the impressive title of "Beastmaster", oversees a big team of writers and content creators who make things for the social web. He lives in Brooklyn with his cat (of course).

Using a mixture of images, tweets, text and animated GIFs to tell complex, compelling news stories online, BuzzFeed continues to push the envelope of digital publishing as it obsessively looks for new ways to engage readers and share stories on the social web. Now wiith more than 200 employees, based in New York, BuzzFeed reaches more than 60 million unique readers a month.

We are delighted to share with you, by popular demand and thanks to our event partners Tilt Vision, Jack's entertaining and informative presentation from day two of Storyology!


BUZZ FEED - Storytelling that readers want to share and News sharing- how social distribution reshapes stories from Tilt Vision on Vimeo.

BBC World News chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet delivers extraordinary keynote at Storyology

BBC WorldNewsAs the multiple award-winning chief international correspondent and senior presenter for BBC World News television and BBC World Service Radio, Lyse Doucet knows better than most how to tell a powerful story that resonates across borders.

One of the world’s most acclaimed broadcast journalists, Lyse is regularly deployed to anchor special news coverage from the field covering major conflicts and interviewing world leaders for programs across the BBC. Her work has also focused on major natural disasters including the Indian Ocean tsunami and Pakistan floods.

Canadian-born, Lyse spent 15 years as a BBC foreign correspondent with postings in Jerusalem, Amman, Tehran, Islamabad, Kabul and Abidjan before joining the BBC’s team of presenters in 1999.

She played a key role in the BBC’s coverage of the Arab Spring across the Middle East and North Africa.

When she spoke at Storyology on August 8 - you could have heard a pin drop. By the time she finished speaking on her experiences reporting in war-torn Syria, there was barely a dry eye in the audience.

Watch her extraordinary keynote here thanks to our amazing event partners Tilt Vision!

WALKLEYS STORYOLOGY 2013: Lyse Doucet, chief international correspondent, BBC World News from Tilt Vision on Vimeo.



Carr and Hartcher's foreign affair at Storyology

Boat arrival numbers will not go down before election day, said foreign minister Bob Carr in Sydney yesterday.

He was addressing nearly 300 people at the Walkley Foundation's Storyology creative media summit in a forum hosted by Fairfax scribe, Peter Hartcher.

Carr said the PNG Solution was a step in the right direction to end deaths at sea. “This is a practical solution.”

“We get 3000 people a month. It's already 20 per-cent of the migrant intake. We won't allow this number to be increased by people smugglers.

“A lot of critics are extremely well meaning people but they fail to recognise that the recent spike in numbers is being contracted out to people smugglers."

The Asian Century: Reporting in fragile democracies

By Seira Aikins

This morning ABC’s Peter Lloyd and Narelle Hooper discussed the difficult role of media in fragile Asian democracies with some of Asia’s most prominent journalism figures - Korea’s Choe Sang-Hun, Thailand’s Pravit Rojanaphruk , Malaysias Steven Gan and India’s Shoma Chaudhury.

From the currency of rumour in journalism to the impact of social media on news stories, Lloyd captured an array of personal

Vive Cool City

By Lawrence Bull @Lawrence_Bull

The audience shared a collective cringe – unavoidable upon witnessing a skeletal woman inject heroin into her neck in front of her bathroom mirror.


Vive Cool City producer/reporter Kirk Docker was on stage, showing one of their trademark five-minute investigative docos. ‘Shock and awe’ was never part of their plan when they started out, Kirk explains before presenting a couple in a master/slave relationship (Joe can bring Kim to orgasm by rubbing her little finger, Kirk explains).

Building it and winning it

By Emma Brancatisano, @emmabrancat

Amidst the uncertainty of a changing journalism model, new media ventures are flourishing and providing refreshing takes on storytelling.

Noah Roseberg and Erin Polgreen

Erin Polgreen and Noah Rosenberg in discussion at Storyology. Image by Emma Mackenzie.

Audiences at the Storyology festival were joined onstage by two international founders of successful start-ups.

The founder and editor-in-chief of Narratively in New York, Noah Rosenberg, and fellow New Yorker Erin Polgreen, founder and editor of the tablet magazine Symbolia, discussed the trials and tribulations of being ‘journopreneurs’.

Not-for-profit journalism

By @FarzEdraki

Philanthropic-funding models allow organisations like The Global Mail to pursue investigative reporting without worrying about ad revenue. However, not-for-profit journalism faces unique challenges, a panel of experts reminded festival-goers at the Walkley’s Storyology Summit on Wednesday.

A quick meeting with Annabel Crabb

By Emma MacKenzie @EmmaMacKenzie_

Today I met Storyology panelist Annabel Crabb. I was pretty stoked.

As a Journalism and International Relations student at The University of Queensland in Sydney Storyology Festival, I got a front row centre seat for Wednesday's panel ‘Democracy – it’s a dirty business’.

Shepherd Shares His Seven Steps For Success

By Connor Hurley
When it comes to getting your story shared by the masses in the virtual world, none have it perfected quite as well as BuzzFeed. The socially adept site, which has spread like wildfire amongst the 18-34 year old demographic, was represented at Day 2 of Storyology by Editorial Director Jack Shepherd.
Shepherd drew laughter with his examples of BuzzFeed viral content such as 'Disaster Girl' and a plethora of adorable cat images. Yet, despite his background in a role at a not for profit animal protection agency, Shepherd assured the audience that the site's success isn't simply due to a huge demand for animal related content. The key for viral success lay in creating content that consumers want to help produce and share; something that Shepherd says is the difference between content going viral as opposed to something that is simply popular.

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